Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Readings for 2/2: Harper, Douglass, & Larsen's Passing

Nella Larsen, photographed by James Allen in 1928, age 37. Harmon Foundation Records, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.

Hi, class,

Here is the update* on the readings and presentations scheduled for next week:

Frances E.W. Harper: Read the handouts I gave you all.  In addition, here is a link to a more readable version of her short story, "The Two Offers"):
"The Two Offers"

 Douglass: I will bring in a short handout on "Claims of the Negro, Ethnologically Considered."
"What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?"

Please read the above pieces and be ready to comment on a section that you find of particular significance--pay attention to diction, language, tone, and theme.What is significant about each piece? What do you notice about the rhetorical style? We will spend our first hour on these pieces.

In addition, we will be starting on Nella Larsen's Passing. Please read Part One: "Encounter," pp. 3-69. Although I will not require it, you may want to read Mae G. Henderson's foreword--it will provide some background and context to the novel.

* I have removed a couple of the readings from our list--you are only responsible for the pieces listed above.

All best,

Prof. Williams

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